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Clinical skin treatments in a space that’s anything but; our beautiful treatment rooms follow feng shui principles to heal your skin and calm your mind.

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1/104 Langridge Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

Skin Needling (scar revision)

Microneedling to reduce acne scarring, pigmentation, congestion and more.


Medical-grade LED to supercharge your skin and accelerate healing.

Face Detox Treatment

A no-fuss treatment (don’t worry you still get a scalp, arm and hand massage *drool*) that leaves your skin glowing like a 90s disco ball.


Observ Skin Diagnostic images for an even more accurate analysis.

Say hello to your expert, Georgia!

Our treatment room skin expert is the luminous Georgia who can impart all kinds of corneotherapy wisdom with her magic wand (hands). She has a beauty therapy diploma and the equivalent of a Masters in Skin SOS with all her post graduate education and training from Asha (and other experts), as well as a tonne of skin therapy experience; skin needling and LED in particular. If you’re looking for a treatment that will leave you feeling even more clear and confident – Georgia is your woman. 


Meet MAX+ LED, our medical grade device. He’s so handsome that he’s been used by the likes of Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Oooh!

Using light therapy, we take your tailored home skincare routine to the next level. LED safely restores function to damaged skin cells, whether it’s been caused by acne or another skin condition, reduces inflammation and heals sore cystic acne quickly. Consider it one big multivitamin dose for your face. We customise your LED experience to make sure you’re only receiving the appropriate light wavelengths for your skin rehabilitation.

Available for anyone to book however we do recommend an initial consult with Georgia for optimal results.


Includes cleanse, custom serum application, 30 min LED, hand and arm massage with a rose quartz heart
on your chest and essential oils to set the mood. We can hear your happy sigh from here.
Available for anyone to book however we do recommend an
initial consult with Georgia for optimal results.


Skin Needling

Also known as dermal rolling or micro-needling, skin needling is a laser equivalent minus the downtime and associated side effects.

We treat acne scarring, congestion, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and thinning skin using Exceed, the world’s only registered acne scarring device (FDA + TGA approved). It also revises capillary damage and minimises pores. For the best, and safest result we prep your skin with a top notch product routine and LED treatments for a minimum of eight weeks before introducing skin needling. This means your barrier is healthy enough to take the needles, and primed for collagen production at a deep level!

Skin Needling

This is a 90 minute treatment and includes LED, the needling and a face and neck microbiome mask to finish.


Face Detox Treatment (Prin Professional)

Whilst we *love* self-love and never underestimate the importance of a fluffy facial that sends you to sleep – this isn’t it. If you know us, you know we’re only here to give you treatments that actively work on clearing your skin, and keeping it clear! 

This detox treatment packs a much bigger punch than her at-home younger sister (check her out here).

This is what you can expect… you’ll be tucked into our heated bed and double cleansed. Then, we’ll apply a mask (the main event) to your entire decolletage, neck and face. Whilst the mask starts working its magic, you’ll enjoy a scalp, hand and arm massage to have you relaxing into it, as the mask sets rock hard. After 40 minutes the mask is removed with a soft fluffy brush, cleanser and hot towels. Serums, moisturisers and sunscreen are applied afterwards. Expect to walk out so glowy that you’ll have sparkles floating around your head. 

This treatment is amazing for any acne type, or aging or dull skin. We strongly recommend it for pre or post needling (to be used on day 4). It’s also ideal for pregnant women and for boosting you through the initial phase of your journey with us. We do not recommend this treatment the day before an event (we are flushing lots through your skin so a minor purge can happen) or for vegans as there is sustainably sourced egg in the mask.

Face Detox Treatment

This is a 1 hour treatment and includes a double cleanse, mask application, scalp, arm and hand massage, as well as serum, moisturiser and sunscreen application. We recommend a treatment every 4-6 weeks for maintenance or more frequently (as prescribed by your practitioner) for an active skin condition. 


The Prin professional mask sets much tighter and is significantly stronger, with more botanical actives than the home kit. 


Skin Needling Discovery Session

Not sure whether you want to press go? We offer a 15 minute session with Georgia where you’ll get a complete rundown of what happens in a skin needling treatment (why we do it and what to expect), and she answers any questions you may have so you can feel 100% confident to go ahead with the treatment. We get it – needles sound scary! But we promise they’re not.

Skin Needling Discovery Session

redeemable on your first needling session



Sometimes seeing what lies beneath the surface of your skin is the best way to create a treatment plan (and we just *love* to have a deeper skin snoop).

This fancy technology allows us to take photographs of your skin under different light sources, meaning we can accurately analyse your skin type and condition. When you’re next in the treatment room, we can take your skin photographs and send them on to Asha for further analysis (she sees things us skincare mortals don’t – unconfirmed witch but when you see her transformations you’ll understand).

Observ Skin Diagnostic

Redeemable on your skin care prescription


Not in Melbourne? No worries! We’ve got your back… and your face (obviously). Our range of professional quality, extremely effective at-home therapy products and kits are here to save your skin, from the comfort of your couch.


Formulating individual programs based on no-ones face but your own is where you’ll see the biggest and best benefits. Cue: makeup free days. Book in for an initial intake session if you haven’t seen us before and we can start your clear skin journey the right way.


We’re pretty amazing

But don’t just take our word for it…

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“I am able to go out without makeup for the first time in years!”

Ashlea T.

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“My acne has been cured. My skin no longer rules my life.”

Hannah G.

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“If you want to love your skin, you have to see Asha!”

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“My acne has been cured. My skin no longer rules my life.”

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“It’s done absolute wonders for my skin, and more importantly, my

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“The product and supplement prescriptions are life changing.”

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