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Frustrated with your acne and looking for answers? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re experts in demystifying and resolving chronic acne. Not to mention all the other acne that can impact your mood, cause pain, dampen your confidence and affect your everyday life.

Why do we understand acne? Because we’ve been there ourselves. We know the pain and the shame, the fear of scarring and pigmentation.

We also remember feeling like our acne was out of our control. Incurable.

It’s not incurable? Acne is not a mystery. There’s always a root cause.

Sometimes it’s hormonal imbalances, the contraceptive pill, your gut health environmental challenges or all of the above!

How do we resolve acne? First we identify the root cause. Then we treat it from the outside in and the inside out.

Our holistic approach combines corneotherapy and naturopathy, and is a proven clinical success.

The process for new clients

Book in

If you’re struggling with unhappy skin and prepared to commit to a treatment plan, then make a booking. You can book online or give us a call. 


Fill out intake form

Our online assessment form asks all the questions we need to know about your lifestyle, diet, skin symptoms and medical history.

It takes approximately 30 mins and it helps us really get familiar with your current skin condition.


Skin Therapy video consult

All our new clients have their first consult with our founder, Asha. It’s an online telehealth consult – just click the link and you’ll be in a video chat with a skin expert.

Asha will review your external (acne presentation!) and internal (what’s happening on the inside!) situations.


Custom skincare prescription

We only work with medical-grade dermaviduals products and we ask that all our clients commit to a dermaviduals-only regime.

Asha will customise all your skincare products to suit your exact skin type, and they’ll be delivered to your door!

Functional medicine referral

If the root of your skin condition is internal, you will work with Asha for at least three months to really get to the bottom of things. 

If your condition is specific – perhaps to PCOS or gut health  – you will then be referred to a specialist functional medicine practitioner. We work with several experts in their fields!

Icon Therapies

Holistic Skin Therapy

60 minute video consult with Asha

With qualifications in both corneotherapy (a specialist skin therapy style) and naturopathy, plus a decade of clinical experience – Asha is the acne expert.  In these online consults Asha will investigate your skin, diet, lifestyle factors, inflammation and stress levels to get to the root cause of your internal and external acne triggers.

Asha has treated thousands of acne conditions, so there’s nothing she hasn’t seen – from PCOS-driven acne to chronic cystic acne. She’s also trained in functional pathology testing, which means she can match your internal symptoms to their acne presentation. 

The aim of the game here is to understand your acne so that you can find pain relief; repair your skin barrier; prevent further pigmentation or scarring; boost wound healing; reduce redness and sensitivity; and decrease severity of breakouts. 

Besides assessing your internals and seeing if your acne might be compounded by things like gut health, hormone imbalances or allergies, Asha also focuses on repairing the skin barrier. 

In corneotherapy, your skin barrier is much like the roof of a house – if all your tiles are damaged (maybe from harsh skin care methods, medications or environmental challenges) then the inside of your house is likely to be damaged, dirty and vulnerable, leading to more chronic skin issues.

We want to create a stronger, more resilient skin barrier that leads to a stronger, more confident you. 

What happens in these consults?

– Skin analysis. Given all her clinical experience, Asha is able to do an accurate skin analysis based almost solely on photographs of your skin. In the consult she will review your photographs and talk you through the nature of your acne. 

– Develop a 6-12 month customised skin and naturopathy treatment program. Because amazing skin requires commitment (and regular progress reports!).

– Customised dermaviduals skincare prescription based on your exact skin needs. We require all our clients commit to a dermaviduals-only skincare regime.

– Makeup consultation. We offer non-harmful and customisable makeup alternatives, because we know makeup is key to feeling confident while your skin heals.

– Assess internal causes / need for pathology testing. If your condition is specific, perhaps to PCOS or gut health, you will then be referred to a specialist functional medicine practitioner. We work with several experts in their fields!


New clients

60 minutes

Initial consult


Existing clients

30 minutes

Return consult


Existing clients

15 minutes

Skin care review
with skin boss Asha


Existing clients

15 minutes

Complimentary 15 minute skin care review
with Senior Therapist Georgia 
(when purchasing 2 or more products)


 If your skin condition is primarily due to an internal imbalance, Asha will refer you to our experts for a naturopathy, nutrition + testing consult.

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Progress portraits

We promised you before & after shots, and we always deliver on our promises. Check out these beauties!

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.