Save your skin

Helping women heal their chronic acne safely and naturally.

My team and I are here to help lead you out of breakout misery and into your most confident, clear, scar-free skin. But how?

We use a combination of naturopathy, corneotherapy (skin science) and hormone and gut testing to get to the cause of your skin frustration. We also provide alternatives to oral contraceptives, antibiotics, harsh skin care and Roaccutane.

With a decade of clinical experience under my belt, there’s no skin presentation I haven’t seen or treated. I have worked with thousands of women just like you. In fact, I was a woman just like you – with acne issues of my own.


Asha has currently closed her books whilst she continues to grow the clinic and bring you even more skin healing services.

In clinic treatments are available with our other wonderful therapists to get your skin clearing now.

Otherwise, get started on a customised skincare prescription ASAP with our expert Georgia!

Reasons to work with us…

We can help you…

Your acne did not go away with the pill/Roaccutane/ antibiotics or you’re terrified of going of medication.

With alternatives to harsh medications and work with your body to help you ease of medications.

Your acne is red, sensitive and/or painful. Itchy and reactive to products.

Alleviate your pain and sensitivity through a therapeutic skincare regime

You think your acne is hormonal, but your GP said everything was ‘normal’

Organise hormone testing to really get to the root cause and help your body find its optimal levels.

Your acne seems to appear with no rhyme or reason or pattern with your menstrual cycle

Teach you to identify your acne triggers (usually in your first session!)

You are concerned about scarring and pigmentation

Introduce you to life-changing, customised skin care that will stop any further scarring and pigmentation from day 1

You are seeing a naturopath or nutritionist but would like help with customised skin care

Work from the outside in, using medical-grade skincare that’s customised to suit your exacts needs.

You don’t have cystic acne anymore but are struggling with lumpy, bumpy congestion

Clear your skin and have you feeling confident, even without makeup!

Your acne started after a period of stress

Introduce you to mindfulness techniques that will help you feel calm and in control of your skin

You’ve tried diferent diets and wasted money on skincare but nothing has helped

Feel confident and educated on food with a customised dietary plan

You don’t know if it’s acne or rosacea

Easily distinguish your skin condition from the very first session! We’ve seen them all.

Hear From Asha...

I’ve been there. Your story is my story.

When I had acne, I was:

  • So ashamed I didn’t ask for help or know who to turn to.
  • I went on extreme diets, juice fasts and exercise regimes. My skin got worse.
  • I was terrified to come of the pill even though it was making my skin pigmentation worse (secret side efect!)
  • I used to apply thick, toxic make-up just to get through the day.
  • I picked my skin until it bled, resulting in scarring.
  • I wouldn’t go on dates during the daytime – it’s crippling for your love life!
  • I felt hopeless and would hide away, even from my family.
  • I was jealous of my friends for eating and drinking whatever they wanted.

Now, I have all the answers!

My acne inspired me to learn more and help others.

  • I am a degree qualified naturopath.
  • I have a diploma in beauty therapy.
  • I am a practicing corneotherapist (skin science working with the best skincare in the world).
  • I have a diploma in advanced skin analysis.
  • I’m an educator for hormone and gut testing, nutritional medicine and supplements, acne and rosacea.
  • I was mentored by an integrative GP.
  • I ran a Collins Street, Melbourne skin studio for six years.
  • I’ve trained in Germany and have too many post-grad skin qualifications to mention.
  • I am award-winning and have been a Corneotherapist of the Year finalist twice.

Progress portraits

We promised you before & after shots, and we always deliver on our promises. Check out these beauties!

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Important FAQ's

It works great. Most of my clients see a 50% improvement in the first eight weeks, and if we don’t we move onto hormone and gut testing. This is the process!

Everyone is different. How long have you had acne? 10 years? 15 years? If that is the case you need to commit to working with me for 6-12 months. Usually I see clients once every 6 weeks. If you are coming along in leaps and bounds you may get transferred to Georgia (it’s free to see her when you are purchasing two or more products from your skin care prescription). It also really depends on whether you need pathology testing. Some clients clear up quickly with diet, lifestyle and skin care. Others need more involved internal investigations.

I’ve seen thousands of faces in my career. With pictures (you send us three to four with your intake forms) and case taking I can very quickly and accurately identify your:

  • Skin type
  • Skin condition
  • Wound healing capacity
  • Cellular health & Cellular age
  • Hydration & Barrier function
  • Immune response of your skin
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Pigmentation scale
  • Scar Classification
  • Enzyme activity

I will also apply face mapping principles and educate you on how your internal health and organs are contributing to your skin presentation.

We use Sendle, a contactless courier. Carbon neutral and compostable. It is complimentary when you purchase two or more products and you usually receive it ASAP (like 1-2 business days for metro areas).

Emma and Georgia are absolute wizards with matching your shade to your pics. Plus we send samples for you to try, to make sure you are 100% happy before purchasing full sizes. We also send different coverage options – medium and heavier coverage. Once we have your shade down, we can also recommend concealers, primers, powders, bronzers etc. to compliment your guilt-free healthy skin foundation range. The girls are available by phone Monday-Friday to assist.

It’s common belief that you need in-clinic treatments to heal your skin. But that’s not the truth. It’s what you do every day that makes the most difference. We find that 80% of our magic is via our customised skincare programs, naturopathy, education, home facial kits and home dermal rolling.

For indented scarring, we do offer Melbourne in-clinic skin needling (with an amazing device). We like to work with you for two months before skin needling, so that we have plenty of time to prep the skin. If you need any other clinic treatments, we will let you know.

Private pathology testing kits can be done from the comfort of your home, and then sent back in the post. Kits are authorized by your practitioner (Asha may refer you to someone in their zone of genius – she has a handful of Functional Medicine Practitioners that she works with who have specialise in gut, hormones, thyroid, mental health and autoimmune skin conditions).

For now, yes. The customs and shipping can get a little complicated otherwise. However, Asha is working away on online courses and programs that will be accessible from Timbuktu to Tibet. Watch this skin space.


Senior Corneotherapist

Meet Georgia! Our Senior corneotherapist and allround exceptional skin expert. Georgia has been
exclusively mentored by Asha on our efective skin
saving therapies and brings with her extensive
education in retail cosmetics, beauty therapy and
corneotherapy techniques.

Georgia is here to answer all of your skin questions prior to seeing Asha and to set you up with an efective at-home skincare routine (so that you can start healing your skin straight away!). She can provide expert advice on:

  • Customised skincare prescriptions (especially using dermaviduals products!)
  • Colour match foundation and make-up
  • Home facial therapy treatments
  • Education around SPF
  • Home rolling and skin (specifically for scarring and pigmentation)
  • Helping inflamed, angry and distressed skin become resilient, healthy and happy skin

Who should book in with Georgia?

Georgia’s telehealth consults (from the comfort of your couch) are purely concerned with your external skin situation. This means she can help people who are:

  • Wanting to purchase medical-grade, customised skincare products but don’t sufer from an existing skin condition (think anti-ageing,
    barrier protection, SPF etc!)
  • Already working with an external naturopath/ nutritionist/ functional medicine practitioner but need help with skincare to suit their program.
  • On the waiting list to see Asha but are ready to get a head start on their outside-in skin therapy.
  • If you’re wanting to find some relief from painful acne, boost wound healing, reduce pigmentation, scarring and  inflammation.

Important to note!
Georgia does not provide any advice on your internal acne triggers or causes (like gut, hormones and diet, etc) and cannot prescribe supplements outside of collagen and fish oil. But! Georgia is highly skilled at recognising diferent skin conditions and if she believes your skin condition requires further testing and/or advice she will refer you to Asha.

Asha Pricing

New clients $330

60 min consult + tailored report

Existing clients $160

30 min consult

Georgia Pricing

30 minute skin consult

New clients $100
Follow up 15 min consult complimentary when purchasing $100 or more of skin products

How does skin analysis and
treatment work online?

It works great. Most of our clients see a 50% improvement in the first
eight weeks, and if we don’t we move onto hormone and gut testing.

This is the process!

Book in

If you’re struggling with unhappy skin and prepared to commit to a treatment plan, then make a booking. You can book online or give us a call. 


Complete intake form

Our online assessment (takes approx. 30 mins) form
asks all the questions we need to know about your
lifestyle, diet, skin symptoms and medical history.


Send us skin pics

Take a few photos of your skin from different angles and send them through to us before your appointment. They’ll help us make a thorough skin


Skin Therapy video consult

Whether you’re seeing Georgia or Asha, all you have to do is click the link and you’ll be directed to an online telehealth video chat with your skin expert.


Customised prescriptions

You’ll get a totally customised dermaviduals skincare prescription and diet, lifestyle, supplement and mindfulness recommendations in an emailed report. Plus! We’ll even throw in healthy makeup samples.

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You get the picture. Invest in your skin
and reap the rewards today, beauties!