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Frustrated with your acne and looking for answers? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re experts in demystifying and resolving chronic acne. Not to mention all the other acne that can impact your mood, cause pain, dampen your confidence and affect your everyday life.

We understand the acne battle, because we’ve been there ourselves. We remember the pain and the shame, the fear of scarring and pigmentation.

But mostly, we remember feeling totally overwhelmed. We remember believing the acne was out of our control. Incurable.

But we’re here to tell you that it’s not incurable. It’s not a mystery. There will always be a reason, or a root cause, for your acne.

That root cause might be due to environmental challenges, hormonal imbalances, the contraceptive pill, your gut health or all of the above.

Once we identify the cause of your acne, we then treat it from the outside in and the inside out. And our holistic approach is a proven clinical success (just wait till you see the before and after shots).

Whether you live in Melbourne or Sydney, Perth or Tasmania, we can treat your skin online via telehealth. 

The process for new clients

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This online assessment form (30 mins) helps us get to know you and your acne.

Skin Therapy consult

All new clients have their first consult with Asha. She reviews your external and internal skin situation.

Skincare prescription

Asha will customise skincare products to suit your skin type. We deliver them to your door.

Referred naturopathy consult

If the root of your acne is internal, you’ll be referred to Mel or Jacinta for naturopathy + pathology testing.

Icon Therapies

Holistic Skin Therapy

Online consults with Asha

This is where we look at your skin from the outside in. Asha has qualifications in both corneotherapy (a specialist skin therapy) and naturopathy, and she combines these powers to review your internal and external acne triggers.

In these consults, Asha investigates your skin, diet, lifestyle factors, inflammation and stress levels. The aim of the game here is to understand your acne so that you can start finding pain relief; repairing your skin barrier; preventing further pigmentation or scarring; boost wound healing; reduce redness and sensitivity; and decrease severity of breakouts.

We do that by focussing on the skin barrier, in particular. As corneotherapists, we look at your skin much like the roof of a house – if all your tiles are damaged (maybe from harsh skin care methods, medications or environmental challenges) then the inside of your house is likely to be damaged, dirty and vulnerable, leading to more chronic skin issues. We want to create a stronger, more resilient skin barrier that leads to a stronger, more confident you.

What happens in these consults?

– Skin photo and video analysis. Asha talks you through your acne and teaches you about why your skin is unhappy.

– Develop a customised treatment program for the next 6 12 months. Amazing skin requires commitment (and regular progress reports).

– Totally customised skincare prescription. We use dermaviduals products to formulate therapeutic skincare based on your exact needs.

– Makeup consultation. We offer non-harmful and customisable makeup alternatives, because we know makeup is key to feeling confident while your skin heals.

– Assess internal causes / need for pathology testing and refer to Mel for further consultation.


New clients

45 minutes

Initial consult


Existing clients

15 minutes

Quickie consult


 If your skin condition is primarily due to an internal imbalance, Asha will refer you to our experts for a naturopathy, nutrition + testing consult. Asha, Mel and Jacinta will work in conjunction (from the outside in and the inside out) to resolve your skin condition.

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Icon Consult

Naturopathy, Nutrition + Testing

Online consults with Mel or Jacinta

This is where we look at what’s happening inside, and how it’s affecting your skin on the outside. Working with our naturopathy and nutrition experts is all about getting answers – finding the root cause of your acne. The process will be different for everyone, as everyone’s skin is different.

Alongside looking at nutrition and naturopathy, we work with local GP’s and clinics to utilise general blood tests and private pathology testing. This level of analysis is what sets us apart from other practitioners.

These consults are important for clients who have tried everything (medications, dermatologists, etc) to no or limited success. Normally this means that your acne condition is related to either your hormones, your gut health or other issues such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, sleep or diet. Usually, it’s all of the above!

We specialise in helping clients who are considering acne alternatives, or experiencing withdrawals, to medications like Roaccutane, oral and topical steroids, antibiotics and the oral contraceptive pill.

What happens in these consults?

– We looks deeply into your diet, lifestyle and medical histories connected with skin dysfunction.

– Recommendations for general blood testing and private pathology testing. This helps us get accurate answers and demystify your skin issues. We most commonly use hormone and gut testing, but have access to many more depending on your case.

– Customised dietary and supplement plans, to ensure your body is working with your skin and not against it.


New clients

60 minutes



Existing clients

45 minutes



Existing clients

15 minutes

Review +


COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the current pandemic, all general pathology testing (blood tests) are left to client discretion. We are still able to make referrals to our GP and review tests, however we’re taking this day-by-day and staying up-to-date with health and governmental advice.

Progress portraits

We promised you before & after shots, and we always deliver on our promises. Check out these beauties!

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Before After


5 months of commitment

Presentation was acne, scarring and pigmentation.