Meet Our Latest Treatment: The Face Detox

Meet our newest cab off the treatment rank – The Face Detox, using Prin Professional. It’s the mask you’ve seen floating around IG at the moment that gives the plasma effect, and whilst most #instaworthy treatments don’t get the clear skin tick from us, this is an exception to the rule! Here’s why… What does […]

The Bad Bin: skincare items to get rid of now! 

Micellar Water How does it work? Micellar water is marketed as an easy way to cleanse makeup, dirt and debris off your skin. How it works is little micelles (tiny molecules of oil suspended in water) grab hold of oil, dirt and debris that is sitting on top of your skin, theoretically leaving you with […]

Eat To Beat Acne: A masterclass

Clear Skin Queen Asha Evertsz has created her first masterclass – Eat To Beat Acne. We had a chat about why, and what you can expect from it. Why did you decide to create this masterclass? I get soooo many DM’s about diet and nutrition. Our followers are really interested in how we can use […]

Should You Cut All Sugar From Your Diet?

The beautiful people that come through our virtual telehealth or clinic doors have many things in common – one of these shared experiences is often that they feel like they’ve tried everything. We don’t muck around when it comes to your skin. We work from the ground up and do it the right way, no […]

Everything You Need To Know About Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a skin routine essential; it needs to be worn every day, weather not dependent. You know it, we know it! We love the fact that awareness about sun safety and its effects on your skin is at an all time high. We don’t love how confusing sunscreen products are and how tricky it […]