Eat To Beat Acne: A masterclass

Clear Skin Queen Asha Evertsz has created her first masterclass – Eat To Beat Acne. We had a chat about why, and what you can expect from it. Why did you decide to create this masterclass? I get soooo many DM’s about diet and nutrition. Our followers are really interested in how we can use […]

Get To Know Georgia

What got you into skin? I actually fell into skin by accident. In highschool I found all the science classes were really easy for me as I have a very logical mind, so initially I thought that was the path I’d follow. I decided to undertake my Cert II in Retail Cosmetics and my Cert […]

Get To Know Asha

Our fearless leader – acne slayer by day, beach babe and cook by night – Asha, has been in the skin industry for years and during that time, has collected a long list of achievements and second-to-none experience, carving out her niche as an acne specialist who focuses on the skin holistically, with diet and […]