Meet Our Latest Treatment: The Face Detox

Meet our newest cab off the treatment rank – The Face Detox, using Prin Professional. It’s the mask you’ve seen floating around IG at the moment that gives the plasma effect, and whilst most #instaworthy treatments don’t get the clear skin tick from us, this is an exception to the rule! Here’s why…

What does the treatment include and why do we offer it?

Whilst we *love* self-love and never underestimate the importance of a fluffy facial that sends you to sleep – this isn’t it. If you know us, you know we’re only here to give you treatments that actively work on clearing your skin, and keeping it clear! 

This is what you can expect… you’ll be tucked into our heated bed and double cleansed. Then, we’ll apply a mask (the main event) to your entire décolletage, neck and face. Whilst the mask starts working its magic, you’ll enjoy a scalp, hand and arm massage to have you relaxing into it, as the mask sets rock hard. After 40 minutes the mask is removed with a soft fluffy brush, cleanser and hot towels. Serums, moisturisers and sunscreen are applied afterwards. Expect to walk out so glowy that you’ll have sparkles floating around your head. 

We are so proud to offer this treatment as it’s another tool in our belt to make a physical difference to your skin. Corneotherapy means that we work closely with the structures and cells of the skin; treating your skin like an organ, not as an aesthetic device. With this treatment, we can physically see the dilation of capillaries – so there’s no denying its ability to work effectively on the deeper structures of your skin. 

When it comes to treating acne – especially acne found on the jawline and neck – there is a HUGE lymphatic element to the cause of the breakouts; whether that be issues with lymph drainage or with the exchange of waste and nutrients to your cells. Newbies starting on their journey with us also need to keep in mind that the nasty ingredients previously used can stay impregnated in their skin for up to two months. This lymphatic mask is a great way to budge these non biodegradable ingredients.


Talk geeky to us: how does it actually work?

As the mask hardens, it applies transient pressure throughout the skin gently encouraging a whole lot of lymphatic movement. You will feel your skin pulsing because this pressure also increases your capillary fluid exchange (the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and cellular waste). The areas where the mask sets the tightest get the most intense fluid exchange resulting in the cracks as it sets. These are the areas where we see the plasma effect at its strongest. 


What is the Plasma effect?

The plasma effect is visible arteriole vasodilation, or in other words, those are your arteries gf! The huge increase in blood flow and nutrients to those networks of tiny arteries makes them much more visible to the naked eye! Cool huh! Now don’t panic – this very cool effect goes away after 10 minutes leaving a really healthy glow behind. If you get this effect it can be a sign of a healthy circulatory system. Not everyone will see it and whether you do depends on a huge range of factors. For example, men are more likely to see this effect than women and pale babies (like Georgia) tend to see the effect best. If you do not see this effect after your session in the clinic, don’t worry! The treatment is still definitely doing its job.


Who should have the Face Detox Treatment?

This treatment is amazing for any acne type, aging or dull skin. We strongly recommend it for pre or post needling (to be used on day 4). It’s also ideal for pregnant mammas (especially in that last trimester when you are feeling a little puffy) and for boosting you through the initial phase of your journey with us. 

For anyone that is a current or past smoker, this treatment is strongly recommended as smoking reduces the amount of capillaries in the surface of your skin (hence the need for a BIG boost of blood flow). 

We do not recommend this treatment the day before an event (we are flushing lots through your skin so a minor purge can happen) or for vegans as there is sustainably sourced egg in the mask.


Want to experience the Face Detox Treatment for yourself? Time to book! 

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