Eat To Beat Acne: A masterclass

Clear Skin Queen Asha Evertsz has created her first masterclass – Eat To Beat Acne. We had a chat about why, and what you can expect from it.

Why did you decide to create this masterclass?

I get soooo many DM’s about diet and nutrition. Our followers are really interested in how we can use food to clear acne. And it is entirely possible! Eating food with a circadian, metabolic and antiinflammatory focus is key in balancing the CAUSES of your breakouts. Of course we also want to make it easy and *delicious*.

What we eat and HOW we eat are the foundations of our acne success. I don’t prescribe supplements until this essential piece is in place.

I’m such a foodie and grew up around markets and fresh produce so I’m really passionate about engaging and educating people about using food as medicine.

The majority of my clients are really trying, but without the education on specific acne triggers it is like taking a shot in the dark of what to eat and (almost more importantly) WHEN to eat to support our skin, hormones and inflammatory pathways.

It’s something that people are really confused about; there’s a lot of conflicting information around! I know that before I was the Clear Skin Expert (and a gutsy student naturopath) I tried everything!

Some of the most common trends I’m seeing at the moment (that actually can contribute to acne) are:

  • Low fat diet
  • Fasting
  • Vegan diet
  • Skipping meals (especially brekkie!)
  • Loading up on caffeine in the first half of the day

The other reason for the masterclass is that I can only help so many people in my one-on-one sessions. My wait list can extend to 3-4 months and I am bursting to get this education out there so that people can be inspired and educated by what is on their plate.

Why a nutrition based masterclass?

Well firstly I am an absolute raging nutrition nerd; it’s my passion. I have seen so many amazing transformations in the last 10 years using my acne diet formula.

Acne is usually a metabolic condition. What I mean by that is that there are 3 key factors that cause and drive acne:
1. Insulin (blood sugar)
2. Inflammation
3. Stress (cortisol)

Notice I didn’t even mention hormones? Well! Here’s the first golden nugget for you… insulin and cortisol ARE hormones. They are just not the sex hormones (like testosterone) that eveyone associates with acne. Hormones like testosterone are super relevant, however it is the other 3 factors that are wreaking havoc on your sex hormones. They are the match that lights the hormonal fire.

By eating at certain times and with certain foods we can regulate insulin. By having a low inflammatory diet we can reduce inflammation (acne is an inflammatory condition!) and by following a circadian eating pattern we can reduce cortisol production.

Eating the right way will balance your hormones, and therefore your skin.

And it’s not all green smoothies and salads – I’m a realist and also not a pusher of those ‘traditional’ healthy eating diets. I teach an evidence-based formula that is full of yummy proteins, fats and fibre (veggies!) as well as hacks around chocolate, alcohol, baking and eating out (socialising is super important to reduce stress after all!).

After working with thousands of clients over the last 10 years, I can confidently say that what you eat (for acne) is the foundation of your skin success.

What can students expect to learn?

I feel that it is really important to take the mystery out of you of your skin distress. Firstly I’ll be getting a little scienc-ey and breaking down the metabolic CAUSES of breakouts. Don’t worry – you’ll get that light bulb moment you’ve been waiting for to finally understand the root causes of your acne! It’s so empowering.

Next, I will be breaking down what foods drive inflammation (and what supports clear skin).

I’ll cover drinks (CSE approved alcohol is included! Hint: margs are a yes) and why some things just have to be avoided in the repair phase (this is a spoiler alert for you coffee addicts!).

I’ll also be detailing:

  • What times of the day to eat and why
  • How many grams of protein & fat will keep your hormones in balance
  • Apps you can use to track this new info
  • Alternatives to gluten, dairy, sugar & caffeine
  • Your clear skin FORMULA for each meal (never be confused again!)
  • A little about stress & sleep
  • Medicare testing & private pathology you may need to access
  • The right time to move to a sustainable 80/20 eating program – this is not about long-term restriction.


My approach isn’t designed to enslave you to the kitchen or have you eating in a no-fun, restrictive way. It’s about feeling confident, inspired, empowered and excited to make food choices that help you have the skin you deserve.

I love cooking, but most of my meals take under 15 mins to prepare. Especially brekkie 🙂

This masterclass is perfect for anyone experiencing acne and wanting safe and long-term alternatives to roaccutane, the pill and antibiotics. It is also perfect for therapists & practitioners who work with acne, and would like to feel more confident in their understanding and education.

Tell us about the Early Bird extras!

Ooooh THIS is exciting.

For those of you who sign up before the end of May, I will be holding a BONUS 60 min LIVE Q&A session. So we can make it personal. So that we can get to the nitty gritty.

This will be held two weeks after the masterclass (Sunday 18th July).

Everything will be recorded for you to watch again (or if you are international and in a different time zone). However this live masterclass will not be available to purchase as a recording AFTER the event.

All participants will also have an amazing opportunity to work one on one with my team to get you healing from outside-in with a customised skin care prescription. There will be a discount for Masterclass attendees.

I will also be supplying a copy of my clear skin food formula, so that you can have a detailed reference and shopping list.

What are you waiting for? Enrol below.


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