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Get To Know Georgia

What got you into skin?

I actually fell into skin by accident. In highschool I found all the science classes were really easy for me as I have a very logical mind, so initially I thought that was the path I’d follow. I decided to undertake my Cert II in Retail Cosmetics and my Cert III in Beauty Therapy as a ‘fun’ subject to compliment my years 11 and 12 as I was already one subject ahead in VCE. What started as a fun subject turned into a burning passion for all things skin and health!

I was so lucky that my facial teacher was a huge fan of Florence Barrett Hill (one of the pioneers of corneotherapy and current board member and writer for the IAC) as I learnt about the complexities of the skin as both an immune organ but also as an integral indicator of deeper health issues from the very beginning.

When I finished high school I wanted to finish my diploma and go to university to undertake a bachelor in Dermal Science. With a diploma under my belt and six months experience working at another Dermaviduals clinic, I approached Asha for a job with Clear Skin – a clinic that is widely considered one of the best in Australia (and the world). We discussed what a bachelor would mean for my journey as a practitioner and I decided that I did not agree with the majority of the outdated information in the curriculum. I took a leap of faith and dropped out of the course that day and have been working for Asha ever since. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I get to be here, working with some of the most interesting and complex skin cases, learning things that I couldn’t learn anywhere else in the world and nurturing a community that cares about healthy, sustainable healing.

How has your own skin journey been?

My skin and wellness journey has been full of many ups and downs. To give you a bit of a background of my skin; I was an eczema baby, my skin would come out in rashes from grass, hay etc (which was quite hard growing up on a farm), and almost all sunscreen has stung my skin for as long as I can remember (especially when I go for a swim at the beach). I remember at the start of every summer having to get used to the stinging all over my face and down my legs again. I would take bottles of fresh cold water to the beach to rinse my face and body and sit in the sand in tears until the stinging died down. There have been times my whole body has come out in a wet angry rash from both sunscreen and humidity. You can see why I have such a huge passion for clean products (especially SPF) and why I can empathise with the discomfort anyone coming to me with a skin condition is experiencing!

Coming from an English, Irish and Scottish background I have found my biggest skin struggle to be redness. My skin type is a classic ‘diffused red’ skin. Growing up my entire face would flush a beetroot red in any environment that was mildly stressful and stay red for the rest of the day. While some may think a red glow is cute – it was something I was both really self conscious about and wary about as I did not want it to develop into a full blown skin condition (especially when mixed with my sensitivities).

After moving onto Dermaviduals, using clean, physical SPF products and having lots of LED and skin needling, I find my skin is much more even in tone and I never have any flare ups of sensitivity. I now use my skin as a method of listening to my body; if I get a tiny patch of eczema on the inflection points of my arms, I know it’s time to take a big deep breath and go back to basics.

From a wellness perspective my journey has been a rollercoaster of severe fatigue, burnout, anaemia, side effects and the aftermath of birth control and periods of time where I lost all trust in my own body and confidence. I am so grateful for these experiences as they have made me stronger both as a woman and a practitioner – I’m able to really connect with my clients.

Tell us more about your experience and education in skin?

  • Dermaviduals training
  • Exceed (microneedling training)
  • IAC corneotherapy course
  • Jane Iredale training
  • Skin education international level 1
  • Holistic digestive intensive
  • Mentored by Asha Evertsz, Beverly Greenwood and Jacinta Barbagallo
  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • Many many conferences and extension education
  • Clinical experience
  • I am also trained in many other skin lines (Dermalogica, Uspa, ASAP)

What’s your top skin tip?

Deep diaphragmatic breath – I personally take 10 deep breaths as often as I can and always before meals. As someone who can easily get caught up in unhealthy work practices (what can I say I LOVE my job and can sometimes prioritise thinking about work over my own wellbeing), taking time to come back into my body and activate my parasympathetic nervous system has been the most valuable tool in my wellness journey. So many people I know (and lots of my clients) are only breathing with the top of their chest. Once we take regular, deep breaths our diaphragm massages our vagus nerve activating our parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest mode). Give it a go!

Outside of work, what do you love most?

My miniature long haired dachshund named Honey brings joy to every single day. I am currently studying reiki, I love nature and terrible 80s movies and I am a third generation Gemini (Mum and Nana are both born within three days of me AND Dad is also a Gemini) so as you can imagine there are two very distinct sides of me. Part of me is the strong headed, learning machine (as most of my clients know I am always itching to find the right answer) and part of me is a very empathetic, plant mum, intuitive soul.

What’s your ideal clear skin day on a plate?

Breakfast: on a weekend I am a huge eggs, avocado and bacon fan! If I am treating myself that day I will make some homemade hollandaise (egg yolks, grass fed butter, salt and lemon juice) Other additions I LOVE are sauerkraut, leafy greens and marinated capsicum (one of my favourite foods). I have a warm cup of tea with my breakfast every morning.
On weekdays I eat our chia seed pudding recipe (but I also add in some flax) with ABC butter, coconut yogurt and berries.

Lunch: I am a BIG platter girl. My ideal lunch is a big platter with cornichons, marinated capsicum (again my favourite), cashew cheese or goats cheese (or both), pate, oysters, smoked salmon (I love to sneak as much seafood in there as possible), artichoke hearts, figs and sometimes gluten free crackers (the ones full of seeds).

Dinner: my ideal dinner is either eating out at dragon hot pot (my order is always collagen bone broth with lots of cabbage + mushrooms and lots of seafood) or home cooked fish (my favourites are flathead caught fresh by my family or salmon) with a big salad (I always include spinach, cornichons and marinated capsicum to my salads but try and get a big variety).


Want to get to know Georgia even more? Book in for a consult with her! Dog chat encouraged.

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