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Our fearless leader – acne slayer by day, beach babe and cook by night – Asha, has been in the skin industry for years and during that time, has collected a long list of achievements and second-to-none experience, carving out her niche as an acne specialist who focuses on the skin holistically, with diet and lifestyle being as important (if not moreso) as the skincare itself. We wanted to help you get to know her better because she’s lovely, fun, and knows her stuff. Here we go…

What sparked your interest in skin?

I experienced acne and melasma (pigmentation from the pill) since my early 20s and it took me 12 years to uncover the mystery around my skin and overcome it. As any acne sufferer would know, the frustration around lack of accessible information and resources was awful. I was reliant on the pill and would get terrible post-pill acne when trying to come off it (even worse than when I started).

Nobody I saw could give me answers and the years of shame and confusion had me coming out the other side with a new found passion for skin. I wanted to be the person to help others through their acne experience, to connect the internal and external factors and to find a new and better way to get clear skin.

I was studying naturopathy and no one could teach me about topical therapies. I proudly pioneered the connection between the internal and external factors that combine to affect skin: hormones, gut, stress and nutritional deficiencies.

What do you love most about the work you do?

I honestly have the best job ever – I get to change people’s lives! I get so much joy from educating and empowering. I love taking the mystery out of skin for my clients and watching them transform as they start to understand what causes their breakouts. Being that support and seeing the change in confidence and happiness is incredibly rewarding.

Being able to provide alternatives to medications like roaccutane, the pill and antibiotics is another facet that I love because it’s so often something that my clients have been searching for over a period of years.

Learning every day is the cherry on top – I’m always looking to improve and continue to educate myself so I can pass it onto my clients and keep the myth busting process up!

Outside of work, what makes you happiest?

Obviously I love food and cooking; food is medicine and brings people together. Shopping at the Vic market for oysters is a particular favourite. Hanging out with my little cat Lola, a burmese/siamese cross, born on Halloween. My car! I have a collectors edition BMW convertible (SPF is in overdrive during summer!).

The beach is my happy place, I consider myself a professional napper, I’m an astrology student and I love designer vintage fashion.

What’s a little known fact about clear skin you wish more people knew?

That less is more. That getting back to the basics with sleep, stress reduction, drinking water and following your natural rhythms is so important and often overlooked. Everyone is so busy – it’s the world we live in – but it’s not a sustainable culture. I want women to flourish and be happy; our hormones are delicate and reliant on routine.

What are your top three skin tips?

  1. Ditch the toxic foundation and use a pure mineral foundation that helps heal your skin (rather than hurts your skin!)
  2. Prioritise sleep and aim for 8-9 hours per night.
  3. Eat breakfast! It sets your skin and hormones up for the rest of the day. Include some healthy fats like coconut, organic butter, avocado, hemp, chia. Life changing!


See? Fun, lovely and knows her stuff – we told you! 😉

You can get to know Asha even more on our Instagram page where she’s regularly talking about skin advice and keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the clinic. She’s also hosting a brand new masterclass – Eat To Beat Acne, where you can learn from the best about how to achieve clear skin. Sign up to be the first to know more info!

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