November Newsletter

Wow, is it really almost November?! How did that happen? Thank you so much for all of your incredible support and loyalty this year. When the tough gets going, the CSE clients give love!! We feel it and we love you so much right back. Not only have you enabled us to flourish, but we have actually managed to retain our Platinum dermaviduals status (whoah), bring on a NEW range (PRIN) and generally get super organised and efficient to serve you better. We want to end 2020 with a bang, and so I’m super excited to make a few announcements today…

Love Asha x

Introducing! CSE Rewards

What about Refer A Friend?

Don’t worry! CSE Referrals are still going strong. If your friend makes a booking we’ll thank you with a $50 dermaviduals credit. Yay! 


PRIN is our new, number one, super high performance home facial kit. We waited months and months for clearance to be a stockist because it’s just THAT AMAZING. Basically, PRIN is everything your skin needs, it’s equal to the most professional lymphatic facial on the planet, and will cost you a fraction of the price ($125 kit will last 4-5 weeks). 

What does PRIN do? 
It’s more like what doesn’t she do? PRIN is an extremely effective therapy mask that will BOOST delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells (very excellent), increase wound healing (very great for painful acne), and improve waste removal and detoxification (very important). Perfect for all skin types – we all need a bit of PRIN in our lives.

FREE consult with Georgia!


Can we do in-studio treatments yet?

Almost! We’re still waiting on the greenlight from the Premier as to when we can commence treatments without masks. But in the meantime, we’re busy prepping our BRAND NEW, super lush private studio for skin needling and LED. We will be contacting everyone who has current memberships and existing bookings to chat more, and opening bookings soon. Stay tuned! 

FREE shipping because we love Sendle! 

We’re very happy with Sendle and hope you are too! Sendle are totally contactless, faster than Aus Post and are environmentally friendly. Your skincare goodies should arrive on your doorstep in 24-48 hours from ordering.

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