Listen: Asha talks skin health

After the first Low Tox Life episode last year, we received SO. MANY. SKIN. QUESTIONS. And so this time Asha (our founder and resident skin expert) is back with  the gang to discuss everything from post-pill acne to milia and stretch marks.

If you’re someone suffering skin challenges, then fix up, look sharp and give this podcast a listen. As a qualified naturopath, corneotherapist and holistic skin guru, Asha covers:

  • The gut/skin/brain axis connection
  • The relevance of gut health in skin conditions
  • Rosacea
  • The relationship between dark spots and our hormones
  • Post-pill acne
  • Healthy ageing and how best to support it 
  • Treatments for acne scarring from the past, including keloid scarring 
  • Those little white cysts 
  • Stretch marks 
You can check the show out here.

Or listen to the first episode here.

Don’t forget to tell us what you learned and loved! 

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