Listen: Asha chats Acne with Low Tox Life

Whether you’re a teenager going through puberty, an adult tackling late onset or a woman coming off the pill, acne can be a big deal. It affects not only our skin, but our self esteem and our self worth too. Not to mention it can be a stubborn skin issue to clear without the right help.

That’s where our Expert Corneotherapist and Founder Asha Evertsz comes in. Asha recently sat down with Alexx Stuart of the Low Tox Life podcast to chat all things acne  – from her personal experience with pill-related acne, diet and lifestyle changes to medications, prevention and breakout SOS strategy. It’s all here in the one podcast episode.

This is must-have listening for those on their own acne healing journey; people looking for expert help; and anyone wanting to know more about Asha’s personal story and motivation for becoming a corneotherapist.

But we don’t want to give too much away! Head over and give the show a listen for yourself.

Listen to the show on Low Tox Life : https://www.lowtoxlife.com/show-162-acne-the-holistic-way-forward-with-asha-evertsz/

Listen to the show on Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/162-acne-the-holistic-way-forward-with-asha-evertsz/id1268912512?i=1000454187995

If you’re craving more podcast goodness, you’re in luck! Asha will be back talking acne scarring, cysts, rosacea and the affects of the sun on your skin in the next Low Tox Life episode out mid-March. Stay tuned!


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