Tips on how to Prevent & Treat Post-Pill Acne

Seriously scared of post pill acne? Here’s a few tips to help keep you clear!

Post pill acne commonly occurs 3-6 months after coming off the pill.  This can happen even if you didn’t have acne in the first place! Maybe you’re thinking of coming off the pill but you are terrified to or you’ve already come off the pill and are experiencing deep cystic painful acne along your jawline, chest and back and have no idea what to do. Don’t despair, we are the clear skin experts and we are here to help!

Tip #1 Take The Right Nutrients

Numerous studies have shown that pill depletes you of vital nutrients. The B group vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and CoQ10 are the most common ones. Supplementing these nutrients will help to support your body’s energy production, your nervous system, your digestion and your detox capacity. All super important for hormonal balance, healthy ovulation and blemish free skin!

Tip #2 Keep Your Gut Happy

Taking the pill can seriously mess with your microbiome. Studies have shown that imbalances in your gut flora have a direct impact on the quality of your skin, acne and reproductive hormones. The right diet, pre & probiotics and gut specific nutrients can help to address the imbalance, reduce leaky gut and promote the gut bacteria that metabolise your hormones.

Tip #3 Eat the Right Foods

The pill can create an environment of low-grade inflammation in some women. Our dietary choices can either add to this problem or help to reduce it.  The 5 common culprits that promote inflammation systemically in the body, and directly to your skin promoting acne include sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. Cutting these out and replacing with foods and drinks that are anti-inflammatory and alkalising will help you heal your post pill acne faster.

Tip #4 Love Your Liver & Make Sure Your Bowels Are Working Properly

Your liver needs to process the pill’s synthetic hormones and regular bowel motions will help to clear them from your body. Signs that your liver isn’t happy include lack of appetite in the morning, nausea, headaches, angry outbursts and overheating. To support your liver, avoid alcohol, fried foods and sugar.  Feeling constipated, bloated, and farting a lot can also be tell-tale signs of sluggish digestion. Drinking enough water, eating enough fibre and exercising regularly can help get your bowels moving. There are also some amazing herbs and supplements that restore liver function and promote regular bowel movements that will support your body’s detox.

Tip #5 Keep Your Stress To A Minimum

Chronic stress impacts on the gut, on digestion, on hormone production and on the ability to get restful and restorative sleep. It is crucial that if you are thinking about coming off the pill or you already have, that you do all that you can to build a resilience to the stressors in your daily life!

Some strategies that will help; blue light LED, doing exercise that you love and makes you sweat, avoiding caffeine and other stimulants and surrounding yourself with people that bring you joy and feed your soul. Spend time in nature whether it be hiking or being by the beach. Download a meditation app or just breathe deeply. Your skin will love you for it!

Tip #6 Test Don’t Guess

General pathology tests from your GP coupled with functional DUTCH testing is the most comprehensive way to assess your body’s hormone production and their metabolites. Testing and not guessing means that we can target treatment and give you a better idea of how long it will take to heal your post pill acne.

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