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Acne is our speciality; using an outside in and inside out approach with consults and clinical treatments.

Healthy skin, from the
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We were Australia’s first online skin clinic, but post-C-19, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on your faces again. We’re back in clinic consulting and treating, and meeting you in person. Hooray! 

Find us at Suite 1/104 Langridge St, Collingwood VIC 

But! If you’re not in Melbourne, we can assess, treat and resolve even the most chronic acne cases via online consults.  

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Our experts specialise in assessing and diagnosing a variety of skin conditions. We can do it in clinic, or online. 

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Everything your skin needs, delivered right to your door. We only use the pure, customisable Dermaviduals skincare range and safe-for-your-skin Jane Iredale makeup line.

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After your consult, you’ll have a customised treatment plan created to have your skin living it’s best *clear* life.

Meet the team

We are a team of strong women. We are experts in our fields.
We are here to save your skin.


Founder and Expert Skin Therapist

Asha is a leader in the natural skin therapy world because she’s not only a super experienced corneotherapist (skin therapist) and facialist but a certified naturopath too. Her safe, and innovative, methods for treating (and resolving!) chronic acne have seen her gain a loyal skin following internationally. 



Bianca has always had an interest in caring for and nourishing her body through nutrition. She loves helping people live their most confident life with skin that doesn’t need to hide behind makeup. That’s the kind of combination we *love* to hear about. Bianca is a Prin Professional specialist and her magic hands work on the Face Detox treatment.


Senior Corneotherapist

Georgia brings all kinds of skin wisdom to The CSE. As our Senior Corneotherapist she looks after our Melbourne Treatment Room, is an expert online skin consultation coach and loves all things needling and LED.


Online clinic manager

Besides keeping our clinic running smoothly, Emma also has an extensive background in cosmetic chemistry. She’s here to give advice, colour match and ensure your skincare regime and makeup range is tailored to you.

Our therapies

At The Clear Skin Experts, we combine two methods– holistic skin therapy and naturopathy, nutrition + testing. We believe that in order to help your acne, we need to treat you from the outside in and the inside out.

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Holistic Skin Therapy

We specialise in a type of skin therapy called ‘corneotherapy’ – this means we focus on repairing your skin barrier. It’s a bit like the roof of a house – if all your tiles are damaged (maybe from harsh skin care methods, medication or environmental challenges) then the inside of your house is likely to be damaged, dirty and vulnerable, leading to more chronic skin issues. 

We work on nurturing and rebuilding your skin barrier, so that you develop stronger, more resilient skin.

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Nutrition + Testing

This is where we demystify your acne, and work to find the root cause. This root cause may be related to your hormones, gut health or other issues like nutritional deficiencies, stress, sleep and diet (usually it is all of the above!) 

We get these answers via super accurate pathology testing and then we work with you to make healthy, and positive, changes to your diet and lifestyle. We know it’s a daunting process, but we’re with you every step of the way!

Check out our incredible progress portraits.
We aim for a 50% improvement in the first six weeks!

“I’ve had a severe skin condition for 5 years, and seen so many specialists but only gotten worse. Asha was the first one to suggest a tailored approach — with topical testing, skin analysis, and gut tests with a Naturopath. It meant no more guessing and put me at ease.

For years I’ve been struggling, and in a matter of months my skin has cleared up so much! Better yet, I have no more pain and no more anxiety around eating or reacting to foods. If you’re struggling with your skin and sick of the guesswork, invest in yourself because Asha can help!”

– Jessica

Buying skincare just got easier

Don’t have a skin condition? Just want to buy dermaviduals or home facial therapy products? We hear you! We see you!

Buying skincare just got easier Georgia is here to answer all your skin and product questions.

Feeling skinspired?

Our online door is always open and we’d love
to chat all things skin with you.

We’re pretty amazing

But don’t just take our word for it…

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“I am able to go out without makeup for the first time in years!”

Ashlea T.

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“My acne has been cured. My skin no longer rules my life.”

Hannah G.

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“If you want to love your skin, you have to see Asha!”

Helen V.

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“My acne has been cured. My skin no longer rules my life.”

Hannah G.

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“It’s done absolute wonders for my skin, and more importantly, my

Sophie L.

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“The product and supplement prescriptions are life changing.”

Kate M.

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